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Can I use a custom RTMP with Gamecaster?

We heard you, and custom RTMP is now available in Gamecaster, allowing you to connect to nearly every streaming platform available right now!

Setting it up is as simple as going to Settings > Platforms > Use a Stream Key (Custom RTMP) then filling in the relevant details.

Name: Give your stream key an easy-to-remember name
Stream URL: Select the streaming platform you wish to use, or Other Platform if it's a service not listed but still allows the use of a custom RTMP URL
Stream Key: the stream key provided by the platform you wish to stream to

Note the warning at the top of this menu: some streaming features may be unavailable when using a custom stream key. If you plan on streaming to Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, we recommend connecting these accounts normally in Settings > Platforms rather than using custom RTMP.

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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