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Can I use two PCs to stream?

No matter how powerful your PC is, it's still going to take a hit in resources when streaming or recording, especially if you're playing more demanding games. If you want to maximize your resource and get the absolute best quality out of your stream or recording, having a dual PC setup is the ideal way to go.

With this setup, your game PC can focus on running your game at the highest possible quality, and your streaming PC can handle the heavy lifting of running Gamecaster and encoding your footage. Fortunately, we've built in a feature to make this process easy, with no extra capture card needed.

It's called NewTek NDI and it's simple to set up and activate. As a prerequisite, make sure both your gaming and streaming PC are wired (i.e., connected via LAN cable) to the same network for best results, and make sure Gamecaster is installed on both machines.

After that, setup is simple: on both machines, go to Settings > Advanced in Gamecaster and select the Enable NewTek NDI option. This also opens up options below to specify Frame Rate and Resolution for your NDI output.

Once that's enabled, a new icon appears in the Gamecaster Studio. Click on it to enable it on the gaming PC, ensuring that the icon turns blue.

If you followed all the instructions above, clicking on the Main Source button on the streaming PC should now let you see your gaming PC's NDI output—note that it won't always have an "NDI" label, and it will show up in the External Feeds section:

And that's it! You're now set up to stream on two machines for best performance.

Note: For the best performance benefit for this setup, make sure your game PC is only sending the game source itself, and you have your alerts, chat, music, etc. on the streaming PC so that no resources are used at all on the gaming side.

Updated on: 03/04/2022

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