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Earning with the Gamecaster Affiliate Program

We're pleased to introduce the all-new Gamecaster Affiliate Program, offering up to an incredible 50% commission on referred Gamecaster Pro purchases. It's really simple, and is available to anyone who uses Gamecaster!

With the current October introductory prices, you will earn the following amount for every referral who then subscribes to Pro:

How do I sign up?

Signing up to the affiliate program is simple!

Step 1: Open Gamecaster.

After launching and logging into Gamecaster, go to My Account > Settings > Account and click on the Sign up to LinkMink button.

Step 2: Sign-up to LinkMink.

LinkMink has a two-step sign-up process: create your account with your email address and unique password, and then tell us a little bit about yourself, including your PayPal email address. Once you've read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, hit the Sign Up button and that's it!

Step 3: Copy your Gamecaster Referral URL into Gamecaster.

In order for you to receive the correct commission, you will need to copy and paste your Gamecaster Referral URL into Gamecaster. If you are a Pro user and do not complete this step, you will still continue to only receive 10% commission.

Step 4: Share your URL!

Share your referral URL with your friends and fans, and track your commissions on your LinkMink Dashboard.


How do I check my number of referrals and commission earned?

Simply head to the LinkMink Dashboard to check your current stats.

Will I earn a commission on referrals that I made before I signed up for LinkMink?

Unfortunately, we rely on LinkMink to automatically track payments made by your referrals, so you will only receive commission on referrals that signed up through your referral link after you have signed up to LinkMink.

The automated referral system relies on referrals clicking on the affiliate link before signing up to Gamecaster. If your referral did not click your affiliate link before signing up, it will unfortunately not count as a referral in the system.

What is the payout threshold?

The current minimum payout threshold is $50.00. Payments are processed at the end of every month. If you did not cross the payout threshold in a given month, the balance carries over to the following month.

My friend purchased Pro, but I do not see their commission in my Dashboard.

Referral commissions are awarded at the end of the next month, in order to accommodate for any refunds. For example, if your referral purchases Pro mid-October, they will be processed at the end of November.

Do I get a commission on recurring payments from my referrals?

If your referral subscribes to a recurring Pro license (1 or 12 months), you will receive the commission also on recurring payments made within the first 12 months of your referral's first payment.

I am no longer a Pro subscriber, what commission will I receive?

Any new referral commissions will be awarded at 10%, existing commissions will not be affected.

Updated on: 03/04/2022

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