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Gamecaster is having performance issues, help!

Streaming and recording while playing a game will put a burden on any computer, but Gamecaster shouldn't be the one getting in your way, especially if it was running smoothly in the past. We've compiled some quick tips to check and tweak in case you find that Gamecaster is slowing down or causing performance issues.

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Disable Settings > Clips

Disable Settings > Game Overlay

Ensure that in Windows' Graphics settings that Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is OFF. This is especially important as this may be enabled in Windows 11 by default. (Note: this option may not be available on older GPUs.)

Try creating a new scene that has no other elements/widgets except the game source, and see if it still lags.

[Optional] If you're experiencing lag while recording, see if you are able to change your recording destination to a faster SSD, as slower HDDs may cause some slowdown.

[Optional] Playing on a laptop? Check out our article to make sure everything is running off of your dedicated GPU for optimal performance.

If you've tried all of those and Gamecaster is still acting up, you can try installing the most recent Early Access version, which you can install alongside your current Gamecaster install. All your settings and scenes will be the same across both installs.

Still having issues? Reach out to support on our Discord and we'll do our best to help you out.

Updated on: 04/04/2022

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