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Gamecaster Quick Start Guide

1. Log in and connect Gamecaster to the streaming platform of your choice.

When you first load up Gamecaster it will ask you to log in using an account on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube. Authorize and connect Gamecaster to the platform you plan to stream to. If you're streaming to YouTube, make sure you've enabled live streaming from your account page.

2. Configure and test your audio devices.

Make sure you’re hearing everything right and can be heard yourself. Go to My Account > Settings > Devices and set up your headphones or speakers for your system sounds, and configure your microphone to ensure your levels are correct and tested for optimal volume.

Can’t hear Discord or another audio source in your stream? Some headsets split sound between chat and game, resulting in Discord using your "Chat" channel whilst everything else uses your more robust "Game" channel. Make sure you add both channels to the Gamecaster audio mixer.

3. Prepare your main scenes.

By default you start with an empty scene with a fullscreen Main Source that is designed to capture most games. You can start streaming right away with this minimal setup and focus on your game, or you can edit the scene to add your choice of alerts, chat windows, and dozens of other widgets, or select one of our premade themes to add a custom flair to your stream. The choice is yours! While editing your scene you can add in more sources like a webcam, video clips, and even background music to set the perfect stage for your stream.

You can also quickly add in Starting, Intermission, and Ending scenes for a complete streaming experience from start to finish for your new audience.

4. Review your Streaming and Recording settings.

Setting your Streaming and Recording settings to Automatic will let you get started streaming and recording right away, but you can also set either option to Custom which opens up advanced settings for your stream. Need advice on what to set for resolutions and bitrates? These articles should help you dial in your settings to maximize your streaming and recording quality:

5. Ready, set, GO!

You’ve logged in to your streaming platform, have your sounds and mic ready to go, prepared your scenes, and double-checked your settings to stream and record. All you need to do now is press the Stream (or Record) button in the main Gamecaster interface or on the in-game HUD, and you’re all set. Happy streaming!

Quick Tips

Where are my recordings saved?

Once your stream is ended or your recording is done, a popup message will let you open up your Videos folder, or you can navigate to it directly at %userprofile%\Videos\Gamecaster Videos. You can change this destination in Settings > Recording > Directory.

Help, my video is laggy!

A number of factors can cause your stream or recording to not be as smooth as it can be. You may have a slow internet connection, streaming and gaming at the same time may be putting too much strain on your computer, or you may have incorrectly configured your Streaming or Recording settings. Be sure to review the linked articles in step #4!

I need help with other issues!

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Updated on: 05/04/2022

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