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Help! Gamecaster won't install or launch!

Errors during installation

If you are getting an error during installation that is preventing Gamecaster from installing, check the following:

Are you missing MFPlat.DLL?

Run the Gamecaster installer as an Administrator.

Double-check if you have an anti-virus program installed that is preventing Gamecaster from installing.

Double-check if you have a firewall that is blocking Gamecaster from connecting to its required ports.

Try using the Microsoft troubleshooter to see if it resolves any remaining install (or uninstall) issues.

Errors during launch

Try restarting your computer if Gamecaster won't launch after installing.

If you get a The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. error during startup, try the fixes in this article.

If Gamecaster still won't launch or is giving a generic error, try the following:

Run a Command Prompt as Administrator

Type sfc /scannow (it may take a while until it's done)

Restart your computer after it's finished then try launching Gamecaster again.

Still having issues? Try performing a clean reinstall of Gamecaster, or reach out to support on our Discord.

Updated on: 18/04/2022

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