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How do I add custom transitions (stingers) to my Scene?

Adding custom stinger transitions is easy! Gamecaster supports any .webm transition out of the box, read on to find out how.

Open up your Windows File Explorer and go to %appdata%/Gamecaster/transitions (you can just copy and paste this into the "URL" bar!)

Hit Enter to open the directory.

Copy and paste your .webm file into this directory. You can configure when the scene should change by adding a _number in ms to the end of the file name (eg. My_Great_Transition_500, where 500 is equal to 500ms). Play around to see what works best.

In the examples above, the Slime transition will change to the next scene after 550ms, Purple Explosion after 250ms, and Blaze instantly.

If Gamecaster is already open, CLOSE it and relaunch the application. You should now see your custom stinger transition in the "Transitions" dropdown.

Select the transition you wish to use and try changing to another scene!

We appreciate things are a little manual right now, but we'll be overhauling this soon to make it a lot more streamlined! 🙏

Updated on: 03/04/2022

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