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How do I connect Gamecaster to Facebook?

Streaming to Facebook is as simple as logging in to your Facebook account, no stream keys necessary!

When you launch Gamecaster for the first time, it will ask you to connect to one of the three main streaming platforms: Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube:

Click on Connect with Facebook to get started. This will open up a series of confirmation menus to allow access to your e-mail, which Pages Gamecaster is allowed to access, and also give you control over your privacy settings:

Double check to make sure the options are correct! But don't worry if you made a mistake at this point, you can always go back and make changes at this link:

You can double-check within Gamecaster to see if you have the correct account connected in Settings > Platforms:

To disconnect your Facebook account, simply click on the X from this screen. Your Facebook account will be immediately released and you will no longer be able to login using this account.

If Facebook is your only connection and you wish to delete your account, please see How do I close my Gamecaster account?

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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