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How do I perform a clean install of Gamecaster?

For one reason or another you may want to cleanly remove or reinstall Gamecaster to resolve issues. We recommend the following steps to ensure you remove all of Gamecaster's files for a fresh install.

Uninstall Gamecaster from Windows using Add or remove programs.

After uninstalling, go into %appdata%\Gamecaster, and if the cefcache folder is still there, delete it or rename it to cefcache_old.

Go into C:\ProgramData\, and if there's a Gamecaster folder in there, delete it or rename it to Gamecaster_old.

Download a new installer from and reinstall the program.

If you've a clean reinstall and Gamecaster is still acting up, you can try installing the most recent Early Access version, which you can install alongside your current Gamecaster install. All your settings and scenes will be the same across both installs.

Updated on: 04/04/2022

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