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How to earn Gamecaster Gold

Gamecaster Gold was recently introduced as the main currency to purchase assets, themes, and other addons within The Vault, Gamecaster's store. While the majority of the available themes are free, The Vault gave us the chance to offer premium resources for those looking for extra flair for their stream.

With the introduction of the Gamecaster Pro license, we're revamping the system to make it simpler and easier to earn gold. Don't worry, even as a regular user you're still able to make 10 Gold per quest with a total of 30 Gold per day. We're also bumping up a new way for you to earn revenue: once the new system launches, you'll be able to earn actual cash from referring your friends to use Gamecaster.

If you decide to subscribe to Gamecaster Pro, you gain a bonus 3X multiplier for earning gold, meaning 30 Gamecaster Gold every time you complete a Daily Quest—by streaming/recording, uploading videos and interacting with fellow Gamecasters in Discovery—with a total of 90 Gold each day by completing all of them.

Daily Quests reset daily at midnight UTC. Completion of the Daily Quest triggers when you finish the action, e.g., if you start your stream a quarter to midnight UTC on day 1 and finish it at 1AM UTC on day 2, it will count as having completed the Daily Quest on day 2.

Updated on: 03/04/2022

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