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I can't hear my game or Discord comms on stream

There are a few reasons one or more audio sources aren't getting picked up in your streams or recordings. Here's a list of things to check to make sure everything gets captured.

Double-check to see that Gamecaster is detecting all of your audio sources, and make sure none of them are muted in the Audio Mixer:

To ensure all your audio sources are getting captured, make sure they're all set to the same device in the respective settings. For example, if you're using a headset, make sure Windows, Discord, your game, and everything else is set to use the same device.

Additionally, make sure that all of them have sufficient volume even when they're not muted!

Some audio management software are known to cause issues during capture, including but not limited to:

Realtek Audio HD Manager
Sonic Studio
Sound Blaster Recon

If you're using these or similar software, try closing them during capture to see if it fixes your desktop audio not getting picked up. Also make sure to check Task Manager to see if any applications with similar file names may be running in the background even after closing down the program.

Try reinstalling the latest version of Gamecaster from

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Updated on: 05/04/2022

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