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I do not hear my microphone or sound in my Recording file

By default, Gamecaster enables something called "multi-track audio." If you are using a media player that does not support this, or if it defaults to just one track, it will seem as if either your microphone or system audio is missing. We typically recommend a program like VLC for playback.

What is multi-track audio? With multi-track enabled, each of your different audio channels (your microphone, your system sound, etc.) will be put onto separate tracks. Say whaaa? Your microphone and system audio will be recorded as if they are two separate sound files, rather than merged into one, giving you the ability to mute naughty words without interrupting your game audio in post-edit.

That's all great, but I still don't hear my audio...

Firstly make sure your microphone and/or system audio is not muted in Settings > Devices. If that's all good, make sure you're seeing some input, both inside Gamecaster and on the Windows mixer. If you don't see any input, it's likely the wrong device is set, or your device is not connected properly.

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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