If you click on the Download Gamecaster link at our website and nothing happens after a long time on the succeeding https://gamecaster.com/download/thank-you page, then there may be something on your computer, your network, or even your ISP that is blocking a connection to our servers.

A similar symptom is if you're able to download and install the program, but are unable to log in via Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube and the login pages indicate This site can't be reached (with ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT), this also indicates a problem connecting to our servers.

One quick way to test is by opening https://api.gamecaster.com/ in a browser. Under normal circumstances, this should give you the following result:

But if you still get This site can't be reached with that link, you will need to check if something on your computer or network may be blocking the connection, or if something may have changed if it was working before.

Possible causes:

Firewall or Anti-virus
Privacy/Parental Controls on your network
A custom DNS which may not be recognizing certain URLs (you can try using Google's public DNS servers here)
The ISP itself blocking the connection
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