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Microphone 101

Half the fun of streaming is having your audience hear your reactions and commentary while playing. Using a microphone is the best way to interact with your stream! Here are some things check to ensure your mic is properly installed and your voice can be heard on stream:

Plug in your microphone into your computer, whether this is via USB or a microphone jack.

Go into Windows Sound settings and under Input, make sure your mic shows up and is selected.

Test your microphone and make sure the bar is picking up your voice.

Once you're all set in Windows, check to see that the microphone is showing up (and registering sounds) in Gamecaster's Audio Mixer in the Studio.

Clicking on the cog wheel opens up the Advanced Settings that let you tweak additional options for your microphone to help tweak its sound, like Noise Suppression for reducing background noise and a Noise Gate and Compressor for controlling how it activates and behaves when you hit specified thresholds. Play around with these options to make sure you have your microphone behaving exactly the way you want it to.

Is your microphone still too quiet or maybe too loud? Read our guide here: My microphone is too quiet/too loud, help!

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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