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My game isn't being detected by Gamecaster

In order for us to detect your game, we need to be able to hook into it. Some games prevent us from being able to do this (usually as a result of anti-cheat protocols), some applications we do not have the technology or capability to do just yet, and in other cases it may just be as simple as clicking inside the window to trigger the hook.

Try the steps below to see if it helps catch your game, and if all else fails, drop us a line on Discord so we can help you sort out a specific game you're having issues with.

If Gamecaster isn't detecing your game:

Restart your computer, or relaunch both Gamecaster and your game.

If your game is in fullscreen mode, try Alt-Tabbing and clicking in and out of the game window.

Try running your game in windowed mode.

Your game may need some particular configuration to allow 3rd-party apps to hook into it, like CS:GO Trusted Mode.

Try using Application capture instead of Any Game:

Go to the Studio and in the bottom left click the far left icon: Main Source

Locate your game or application in the APPLICATIONS list and select it. Make sure the game is running otherwise it will not show here!

As a last resort, use Display capture instead of Any Game or Application. This replicates your desktop completely so there's no need to hook into the game, but be careful that you don't show any personal information on screen while this is enabled!

Updated on: 04/04/2022

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