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Using GIFs and Videos with Alerts

You've seen them on all your favorite streamers: custom animations and video on notifications add a unique flair to any stream, especially when you're using one of our special animated ones from The Vault, or even customizing them with your own personal logos and characters.

But how exactly do you use them?

To get started, have your image or video ready in a folder (we mainly support JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBM, and MP4). If you're using one of The Vault Alerts you purchased, unzip the zip file you received into a folder.

Next, open up Scene Editor, and upload your image or video via Add Widget > General > Image / Video.

Select Choose video to upload, select your image or video, then click Upload.

Your upload will then show up as an asset on the left side of Scene Editor.

Now that your custom media has been uploaded. You're ready to add it to any of your alerts. If you haven't created one yet, as an example, select Add Widget > Alerts > Follower Alert which creates a new alert group on the left panel.

What you want to do next is drag your asset (in this case Video) into the Follower Alert folder, making sure that it's at the bottom of the stack of assets and looks like this:

You'll know you did it right if you minimize the Follower Alert folder by clicking on the arrow beside the folder icon and it minimizes or maximizes the First Line / Second Line / Video list as a group.

The next part may require a bit of saving and testing, because what you want to do is align your First Line / Second Line / other text or assets with your custom animation so that it looks correct when they pop in. Make sure to enable Snapping (the second icon along the top that looks like four squares) and make use of the grid lines when aligning your text and alert.

To test if you've aligned everything correctly, Save then Test to check how your alert looks. If everything lines up, it should now start to look amazing.

As an added tip, be sure to play around with the alert Animations on the right-hand properties side, to give your alerts a grand entrance and exit.

And once everything is set up, you've got yourself a custom alert!

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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