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What is clipping?

Gamecaster's clipping feature allows you to press a hotkey and instantly save the last seconds of your scene, gameplay, or webcam feed as a clip. From there, you can use your clips in your personal highlight reels, share them with friends, or show off your skills on social media.

To get started, a new Clips menu has been added to Settings, and going there allows you to:

Enable Clipping via the toggle.

Set a Hotkey so you can clip without interrupting your session.

Set the duration of your clip in seconds.

At the moment clipping is limited to 30 seconds while we improve and optimize the feature behind the scenes. You'll be able to make longer clips very soon!

Once you've recorded your clip, a popup will appear to point you to where your clips are saved, and by default this is in your Videos folder in Windows, or entering %userprofile%\Videos\Gamecaster Videos in Windows Explorer or the Run dialog.

Updated on: 01/04/2022

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