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What is Gamecaster Pro?

We have tons of new improvements and features on the roadmap that we want to develop to make the Gamecaster experience constantly greater, but we unfortunately also have bills to pay and devs to feed to make that a reality.

That’s why we’re planning to introduce a Pro subscription for Gamecaster in October.

We’ve tried to balance things as much as possible to keep the best experience for free users, while primarily introducing value-added features to the Pro subscription. Benefits to subscribing to Gamecaster Pro include:

Removing the “Powered by Gamecaster” watermark

A resizable and movable watermark will be added to Gamecaster scenes for non-Pro users starting October 11th, 2021. This is the only limitation that will be introduced for non-Pro users.

3X Gamecaster Gold earnings

With Gamecaster Pro, you will earn 30 Gamecaster Gold every time you complete a Daily Quest, by streaming/recording, uploading videos and interacting with fellow Gamecasters in Discovery. You can earn a total of 90 Gold each day by completing all Daily Quests.

Daily Quests reset daily at midnight UTC. Completion of the Daily Quest triggers when you finish the action, e.g., if you start your stream a quarter to midnight UTC on day 1 and finish it at 1AM UTC on day 2, it will count as having completed the Daily Quest on day 2.

You can spend Gamecaster Gold on assets in the Vault which is continually updated with new assets and categories.

While everyone who goes live with Gamecaster to a public channel will show on the Gamecaster Discovery page, streams by Pro users are prioritized by being displayed in the Featured section at the top of the Discovery page:

Pro users will also be recommended to other Gamecasters to watch after finishing their own stream:

Access to all Premium Overlays in the Vault

With Gamecaster Pro, you get full access to all Premium Overlays in the Vault.

If you cancel your Pro subscription, you will no longer have full access to the Premium Overlays, but you can opt to purchase them with Gamecaster Gold instead.

Pro role on Discord

With Pro, when you connect your Discord account to Gamecaster, you will get access a special Pro role as well as access to priority support channels in the Gamecaster Discord server.

50% affiliate commission on referrals

You can earn 50% commission on any referrals who purchase Gamecaster Pro. Just sign-up to the program, share your URL, and you'll benefit every time we benefit!

Learn more about the Gamecaster Affiliate program.

Founders License

If you made an account for Gamecaster prior to September 2020 and claimed a Founders License, you will have permanent access to all Gamecaster Pro benefits for life. You can see if a Founder License is applied to your account by the golden badge next to your profile in Gamecaster:

You should also have received an e-mail informing you of your Founder status.

If you claimed the Founders License before September 2020 and have received the Founders License email but do not see the Founder badge on your account, please let us know on Discord or contact so we can apply it to your account. We also appreciate your supporting Gamecaster all this time!

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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