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Why is my Automatic stream 720p?

In some cases, you may find the Automatic system has set your stream to 720p @30fps. This depends on the platform you are streaming to, or in other cases, your available bandwidth at the time of testing.


To provide the best experience for all of your viewers, we purposefully restrict your resolution to 720p @30fps if you are not a Twitch Partner. You can manually override this if you wish by changing your Settings > Streaming to Custom.

Unless you are Partnered with Twitch, your stream will very likely not have transcoding available. Transcoding, in its most simplest terms, creates different versions of your live stream at different resolutions, to lower the amount of data viewers need to constantly download. In other words, the viewer can opt to watch a poorer quality stream so that it does not constantly buffer and lag.

If you are streaming at a higher resolution and you do not have transcoding available, you may find some viewers complaining about lag. Their internet is not stable or strong enough to maintain your stream, and because of no transcoding, they cannot lower the quality to watch a smooth stream.


At the time of writing this article, Facebook restricts content creators to a 720p @30fps stream, unless they are a Level Up Creator (Facebook's partnered program).

Please note that currently detection may not be 100% accurate, as we currently rely on analyzing if you have received any Stars within your past 25 videos. We are working with the Facebook team to improve this.

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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