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Windows 7 Deprecation Notice


If you are trying to continue using Gamecaster with Windows 7, please follow these few simple steps:

Make sure you are running on version 4.0.2012.0903. If you are not, you can download it here.

Download this startup.html file, and then copy and paste it into your Gamecaster installation directory. You'll want to overwrite the existing file, if asked.

Open your file browser, and go to %appdata%/Gamecaster and delete your cefcache folder. This will clear out any locally cached files to prevent further app updates.

Launch Gamecaster and you'll be up and running!

Please note, you will not receive any updates moving forwards. Use at your own risk.

Just over one year ago, Microsoft announced the official end of support for users running on Windows 7. Over the past several years, we have made continued efforts to support this operating system, but are now facing increasing challenges as we move forward.

Given these challenges, as of 10th June 2021, Gamecaster no longer officially supports Windows 7 and is now officially marked as deprecated.

Whilst your app will continue to function, we will no longer be pushing updates to this version and is therefore vulnerable to breaking changes from third party integrations. We strongly recommend you upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

Why now?

As we continue to upgrade our core experience, we are finding it increasingly more difficult to support older operating systems, in particular Windows 7.

Windows 7 accounts for only 0.5% of our active user base, and continues to dwindle month on month.

It is no longer officially supported by Microsoft! With no further security updates, or updates in general, continued day-to-day use of Windows 7 may put your personal files and finances at risk.

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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